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Course Image Old Testament Survey

BS1012 Old Testament Survey

This course is an overview of the entire Old Testament. It gives students an appreciation for the various genres of literature and how they harmonize. Background material is also presented to illuminate discussion of these texts.

Course Image Youth Ministries

CM2233 Youth Ministries

This course presents principles, methods and materials that have been designed for the characteristics and needs of the youths. It is an introduction to adolescent culture and Psychology, incorporating a survey of the role of adult, leadership and the purposes and program structures of basic youth ministry.

Course Image Spiritual Formation

CM1012 Spiritual Formation

This course is designed to deal with the vital areas of Christian growth.  In a time when so many well-known preachers have been exposed to living a lie, we must turn again to the importance of the spiritual disciplines so that we might be men and women of God in character as well as action.  It is a way to Christ-like maturity and spirituality.

Course Image Introduction to Sociology

GS3031 Introduction to Sociology

An introduction to the basic concepts of societal groups, institutions and interrelationships.

Course Image New Testament Greek II

GS3212 New Testament Greek II

This is a continuation of the introductory study to the essentials of New Testament Greek in Machen. This part will cover lesson 11 to 20 in the course text. Included in the course is a considerable amount of reading in 1st Thessalonians and I John that facilitates an introduction to simple exegetical work in the New Testament.

Course Image Introduction to Philosophy

GS4023 Introduction to Philosophy

This course is an introduction to the basic concerns and methods of philosophy, that “critical reflection on the grounds for basic human beliefs.” Beginning with a consideration of the purpose and general tools of Philosophy, it will examine areas of major Philosophical interest: Free Will and determinism; Philosophy of Religion and arguments for the existence of God; Ethics, and the basis for moral judgments and moral standards; Social Philosophy as it relates to Politics and education.

Course Image Ethics and Theology in African Context

GS3023 Ethics and Theology in African Context

Since theology is contextually conditioned this course is a study of authentic Christian theology from the African base.  We shall consider an overview analysis of the contemporary socio-cultural system of the black African society South of the Sahara.  We shall examine the social inter-course of this society and understand the influence of its culture in formulating conduct, moral judgment and philosophy of life.

Course Image Pentecostal Theology

TH4022 Pentecostal Theology

This is a study of the origin and development of the Pentecostal Movement. This course examines the factors that led to the rise and spread of the Pentecostal Movement. This study will also examine distinctive elements of the Pentecostal Movement as well as departures from it. This study is designed to enable Pentecostal leaders to reflect on their heritage so as to recover the Pentecostal vision for reaching the lost world through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Course Image Apologetics

TH4033 Apologetics

The course is an introduction to Christian apologetics with emphasis on practical issues and approaches in the African context.

Course Image Christology and Soteriology

TH1033 Christology and Soteriology

This course is a thorough study of the Person and Nature of Christ.  Included in it are His birth, life, perfect humanity as well as His true deity as revealed in the scriptures.  Studied along with the doctrine of Christ is the doctrine of salvation through Christ alone.  As a result this course is two part study. This course is designed to establish Christian leaders in their convictions that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour; He sanctifies, Heals, and is the soon coming king.

Course Image Old Testament Theology

TH4013 Old Testament Theology

This course will explore what Israel professed about its God. Consideration will be given to the diversity of this profession and to the question of whether one Old Testament theology actually emerges. It will be suggested that the nature of inspiration itself makes it very likely that the biblical writers were aware of a divine master plan and that a fair reading of the Old Testament does bring out a unified purpose. This is not something imposed on the text, but drawn from the Old Testament writings themselves.

Course Image Doctrinal Survey

TH1013 Doctrinal Survey

TrinityThis is an introductory course to systematic theology. It is designed to provide a study of basic Christian doctrines.  The thrust of this course is to examine the doctrine of God (Theology proper) in detail as well as studying the canon of the scriptures. This course is designed to establish Pentecostal leaders in the doctrines of the Christian faith.

Course Image Curriculum Development

ED4022 Curriculum Development

The aim of the course is to provide candidates with an opportunity to deepen their conceptual understanding of the educational and curriculum issues and relate the principles to their professional experiences. This ability to relate theory and practice will enhance their analytical capacities. The students will be assisted to appreciate the interrelationships between the theories and actual practices.

Course Image Analytical Geometry & Calculus

MT3113 Analytical Geometry & Calculus

This course will bring out the historical and epistemological development of analytic geometry and vector calculus. It will cover the survey of actual situation and historical background of teaching of analytical geometry and vector calculus.

Course Image  Syntax in English Language

EN 2124 Syntax in English Language

This course is aimed at familiarizing learners with the basic goals and assumptions of Generative Grammar, training students in the rudiments of syntactic analysis and syntactic theorizing and argumentation, and acquainting students with the major syntactic structures of English and their relevance to linguistics.

Course Image Semantics of the English Language

EN 3124 Semantics of the English Language

This course addresses the semantics of singular and plural nominals in English language that manifest a binary morphological number distinction within this category. It shall develop an analysis which treats the plural morphemes as semantically relevant. the competition between singular and plural nominal will be grounded in bidirectional optimization form-meaning pairs.

Course Image Integral & Differential Calculus

MT3123 Integral & Differential Calculus

This course is aimed at developing thinking, reasoning, communication and modeling skills through mathematical approach to problem solving. Students will appreciate the value of mathematics in making informed decisions in life. They will acquire vigorous habits of mind through mathematical problem solving, and use of mathematical models

Course Image Constitution & Human Rights: Public Policy & Legal Education Study

CV4113 Constitution & Human Rights: Public Policy & Legal Education Study

This course will focus on the meaning of constitution and constitutional government. It shall discuss the supremacy and legitimacy of the constitution. The course will further discuss the meaning and importance of Human Rights to people in the society. It shall endeavor to discuss the development of human rights, principles of human rights, composition of human rights, characteristic of human rights, categories of human rights. It shall also discuss the various organisations which support human rights.

Course Image African Traditional Religion: Indigenous Religions in Central Africa

RS2013 African Traditional Religion: Indigenous Religions in Central Africa

The course aims at bringing the use of linguistic analysis to uncover early religious history. It will identify stages of Eastern and Western Bantu expansion history. The course shall compare and contrast the European witchcraft with the African witchcraft. It shall also account for the social and political significance of the rain shrines.

Course Image Corinthians

BS2020 Corinthians

This course will examine the Epistles to the Corinthian Church from the Pauline corpus by in depth exegetical and theological study. The course endeavors to provide an understanding of the social, religious, and philosophical context of these letters to the Corinthian Church. There will be special emphasis on the relevant application for church ministries today.

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